About Us

Our Origin, Our Mission


At MOTW, every cup of coffee served is a testament to our story, our commitment, and our community.

MOTW Origin:

The Beginning: It all started with an Instagram page, “Muslims of the World,” founded by Sajjad Shah during a period when anti-Muslim sentiments were alarmingly high. This platform wasn’t just about countering negativity; it was a mission to illuminate the lives of Muslim individuals through their own stories. This digital space blossomed into a haven, celebrating resilience, faith, and the shared humanity that binds us all.

Global Impact: What began as a humble initiative swiftly grew into a global phenomenon. @muslimsoftheworld didn’t just attract followers; it created a community that transcends faith and geographic boundaries, now encompassing over 700,000 people worldwide. This community’s strength translated into tangible action, raising millions for humanitarian causes – from cataract surgeries to essential medical care, providing shelter and hope in places like Yemen and Ethiopia.

The Evolution: While the digital realm offered a broad canvas, Sajjad Shah and his wife envisioned something more tangible. They dreamt of a space where the ethos and spirit of MOTW could thrive physically. Thus, the MOTW Coffee Shop was born – a place where stories, culture, and philanthropy converge over a cup of coffee. It’s not just a coffee shop; it’s the embodiment of years of digital community-building, now available as a warm, welcoming space for all.

Our Vision for the Coffee Shop:

Our Mission Continues: At MOTW Coffee Shop, every sip is a statement of solidarity and every visit a step towards greater understanding and unity. We invite you to be a part of our ongoing journey, to experience the essence of MOTW in every corner of our café, and to continue spreading the message of hope and humanity that has always been at the heart of our mission.